Classes are given weekly and will focus on repertoire as well as including (time permitting) theory, ear training, and composition.

Repertoire will always include classical training along with additions of other styles of interest to the student.

Theory and ear training will coincide with the repertoire studied.

Composition classes range from beginner to advanced and at all age levels.

Opportunities are given for those interested in competition level performances.


Private Lessons & Master Classes

Lessons are given in 30 min, 45 min, and 1 hour time slots on a weekly basis.

Lessons are given all year long - schedule changes for the fall, winter and summer.


The following is a review of my policies and scheduling requirements:

All lessons should be scheduled and paid for in advance for at least the next upcoming month or months.

  1. If I am forced to cancel a lesson, the student may either take a make-up lesson or obtain a credit to be used the following month.

  2. If the student needs to cancel a lesson for any reason other than illness the courtesy of 48 hours notice is required.  I will make every attempt to schedule a make-up lesson at a mutually convenient time.  No refunds will be paid for lessons cancelled by students.

  3. Last minute cancellations or skipped lessons will not be made-up or refunded.


For information on fees please email or call Peggy at Peggy Reich Studios:

Email : 914-552-8928