How does one hear Judaism in music? How do you hear reflections of a religion, a culture? At times, composers use symbolic folk songs from generations past, as well as even taking liturgical texts as a basis for impressionistically beautiful melodic statements. Other times, composers may use the connections of numbers and other beliefs surrounding those numerical values to hear stunning and startling musical compositions! The tonal nuances, rhythmic textures, and harmonies all are explored here in the music of composers from Jewish descent.



The distinctive sounds of the Habanera are presented here in the musical ambiance of both its rhythmic and melodic styles. Compositions with these underlying habanera concepts such as in the Spanish Tinge, the Argentinian Tango, the Cuban Tresillo, and the Puerto Rican Danza, all come together in this exciting and invigorating recording!




On hearing the words "Romantic music" one thinks of the great composers of Europe, such as Frederick Chopin and Franz Liszt. This CD explores further along the Musical Pathways of Love, Senderos Musicales de Amor. It includes the composers of the enchanted island of Puerto Rico—Tavarez, Campos, and others—all masters of the style and form known as the Danza. The Danza is one of the most expressive musical forms composed during the Romantic period!



Other Music


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Live Radio Interview at KBPX Performance Studio with Jim Tevenan

Live Radio Interview at KBPX at Performance Studio with Verne Windham