Piano Studio

Peggy Reich is an experienced piano instructor, skilled in teaching all ages. With her academic training and more than 30 years of experience, she teaches composition, theory, ear training, all genres of piano repertoire, and all aspects of music education. This is done whether for a student's personal growth and enrichment or in pursuit of a career in music.

  • Private teaching studio (children and adults) in Florida, Indiana, and New York.
  • Recitals opportunities for students include:

    • large on-stage performances
    • small groups with discussions following
    • retirement homes to perform for the elderly
  • Arrange and compose music, in addition to standard repertoire, for each student according to age and abilities.
  • Provide students an opportunity for piano competitions.
  • Member of piano teacher organizations (IPTA, IPTG, etc.).
Peggy Reich assisting one of her piano students

Hands playing the piano